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日本語 Nov. 15 2012

WOOOOW XD i took forever to update again....hence thats how busy i hadhave gotten.......Mina san! gomen na T^T
But either way its been a pain in the butt but im getting there slowly ^_^ even my sensei noticed my improvement :DD yea i been going to tutoring sessions but i been doing self study, going back since chapter one to relearn what my 1st sensei had fail to teach me, and well Jun-san is timid but hes always there to teach me XD hes awesom but im timid to ask XDDD either way theres alot more to it but im getting the super slow but determined  one day i'll master this language just like i did with sign language and spanish as well as english ^^  well now to show off what i learned XD

** comparing two thing :DD
Formate of the sentence
: A とBとどちらのぼうが__________ですか。
"____" indicates what the two subjects are being compared to....for example now XDD

ふねとバスとどちらのぼうがこわいいですか。(Out of a boat and a bus, which one is scary?) <--- example of writing the sentence :DD

As for answering the structure is: A or B のぼうが______よりです。
Aor B  Is more than (property) than Aor B.
Example XD
バスのぼうがふねよりこわいいです。 (The bus is more scarier that a boat)  <--- one possible wat to answer you can say both are scary with "も" instead of "と"  then u get rid of " より" since your not really comparing anymore

(if its with comparing if u like either one then its like ふねとバスとどこのぼうがすきですか。
to say u like this over this バスのぼうがふねよりすきです。Here u can say u like both or not :DD
バスもふねもすきす。(you like both the bus and a boat) OR バスもふねもきらいです。( you dislike both XD)

Comparing 3 things or more :3
AとBとC の中でProperty: such as "だれ,どれ, なに,いつ and どこ"がいちばん______ですか。

Ex.ロシアとフランスと日本の中で, どこがいちばんさむいですか。 (Between Russia, France and Japanes, which country has the coldest climate??)

Answering: Aがいちばんさ____です。
EX ~~ ロシアがいちばんさむいです。(Russia is the coldest i think)

XDD well then this alot, i have more to type but im extremely tired right now T^T i took a test based off f this right here so my brain is fried D: Oyasumi na sai minna-san :DD

日本語 :3 October 9, 2012 Blog one

Ah well i spend time going over things, looking around to help me out as well, sad thing is there pretty expensive but i did learn a few things ^^ from help of certain people lol..

*What did i learn: Well then what i learned in  a short review is that in japanese sentece structure it follows as Subject-object-Verb while in English its Subject Veb then object. That causes confusion if its not catched on right away...thats why im failing ^^" i think but theres a few examples :DD
---- For instance while placing the SOV structure
           Torako ga nezumi o mimashita  [torako saw a mouse]  Here "torako" is the subject while "mouse" is the object and the verb is "saw"
----If it were a topic object verb it would become "wa"  ex) Torako wa neko desu (Torako is a cat)
Its clear now XDD my book made it complicated and my sensei really doesnt help plus im a slow learner soooo....sumimasen

*Was it hard?........................well sort off but the examples i got off this website made it easier to understand :DD

Sorry for the shortness i have psychology tutoring and i have to leave but i'll come back again and post more :3

Daily Japanese language log {oct.8,2012]

Yep I'm gonna have to start doing this since im having issues with this language... its so hard D: but i know one day i'll master it :3

bear wit me on the next things there my goals and i need to see how good i am cause im afraid to fail the class....

Daily blog task
*What i've learned
*How I felt about what i learned(was it frusterating? easy? etc) so can i figure out what cases me trouble and focus on fixing that?
*what i need to work on
*what i want to learn next
*summerize or examples of what i have learned

So every time i spend studying i have to do one of theses to make sure i understood everything XD sorry if it annoyes you all...


Well then i had an itresting nightmorning e.e i get woken up by a muscel spamism that hurt like hell, i screamed so loud no1 heard me XD,......after it went away it came bk again even stronger my entire leg was numb and when it came to hurts like a poooo.... *sighs* The again i have to go back to school cause i have tutoring and one more not really to much time to sleep or eat  or relax..... oh well XDD
My mood: pretty sick

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